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Detect Bed Bug Infestation Early With Our Canines’ Help

Carolina Bed Bug Dog handles the first step in getting rid of unwanted critters on your cushions, mattresses, sofas and more. We offer premier bed bug inspection services done by our professionally trained hounds. With early detection from us, you can prevent a more serious bed bug infestation from happening in your place or business establishment.

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Cost-Effective Bed Bug Inspection Services

We offer professional and cost-effective service. There are no hidden costs and we do not hide behind small prints.

We will offer you flexible weekend and evening appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. Our services include a brief visual inspection, as well as a canine scent detection inspection by W.D.D.O. certified canine scent detection teams. Based on a careful inspection of the readily accessible areas of the property, a report will be provided with the findings. There is no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, related to this report.

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Reviews From Our Past Clients

Throughout the years, we have served various clients who were left satisfied with what we do. See what they say about our services:

“Ms. ******* runs a phenomenal operation. Her 2 dogs Abby and Sophie are unbelievably accurate. Ms. ******* is so professional, knowledgeable, courteous and responsive. She knew how upset I was over my discovery of bugs and made time to accommodate me same day after hours. When she came to my home she first did a visual inspection of the premises and then brought each canine in one at a time. These dogs are unbelievable. They identified 3 problem areas so accurately. One area was an office filled with paperwork and computers and other miscellaneous items. Both canines zeroed in on a box filled with sealed copy paper. I was extremely skeptical when both alerted to this box. I was sure it was a mistake...WELL HOW WRONG I WAS!! When the dogs had left my husband began to rip open the boxes of sealed paper and to our surprise as he fanned through the paper there was a LIVE BUG!! UNREAL!! Ms. ******* saved me over $5000 to have my entire home fumigated in unnecessary areas!! THANK YOU Johnsie and Abby and Sophie!! AMAZING!! Save your $$$ and time on these pest companies that will fumigate your entire home in unnecessary areas when these pups can zero in on the problem areas and you can treat it yourself!!”

Dan S.


“Johnsie and Abby were a wonderful team—they responded within 3 hours to my call and were there to help me late on a Friday night. Carolina Bed Bud Dog services was responsive, thorough, and extremely helpful when my apartment had bed bugs. I received multiple follow up calls and emails making sure that everything went smoothly with the bed bug treatment. I could not be more thrilled with Johnsie McSwain’s work and thankful she helped me resolve this itchy problem, I highly recommend Carolina Bed Bug Dog Services.”

Ali A.


“I kept feeling itching and seeing these tiny bugs every now and then/randomly for a couple weeks, but didn’t think anything of it till I saw one on my arm bulging with blood. Johnsie McSwain saw the video and said she was 90% positive from the video it was a bedbug but needed to find the source to be sure. After about 30 mins of searching Abby spotted a box of kids toys from a friend. Wow, had we not had the dog come in, we would have never spotted where they were coming from, and had I waited, it could have led to an all-out infestation. It was worth every penny to me and my family to have these things located and removed."

Dan A.


“I contacted this business for a relative in NC on a Saturday and got an immediate response from Johnsie. She quickly scheduled an appointment. When the relative had a problem later, she offered to go that very same day, New Year’s Day, to follow up at no charge! She and her reliable dogs were able to pinpoint the area of infestation and helped the exterminator know where to treat. I highly recommend the services this company provides and Johnsie is wonderful to work with.”

Kitty B


“Johnsie and her pups were very sweet. Dogs helped me find spots they were hiding completely out of sight and have gave useful advice.”


“Highly recommend, the owner is so so sweet and CARES for her clients. She answered all my questions. With having a bad experience with a past k9 handler i decided to have a second opinion with her and her sweet babies Sophie and Abbey and I’m glad I DID. Reasonable price, compared to others. Definitely recommend. I’ll always use her services if and when I ever need.”

Macey Thompson


“Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Someone had visited us who had bedbugs and left a deposit. We battled them relentlessly and thought we had them under control. We had moved some furniture to the back porch and wrapped it up in plastic. We called Johnsie. She was so gracious with her time and wisdom in helping us. She answered all of our questions, ordered mattress covers for us, and came to our home for the inspection. Her dogs are amazing! They alerted on the sofa. We had recently purchased 2 recliners, which were also outside. She thoroughly checked them out and said she felt sure we had cleared them. We trusted her. The sofa went to the landfill, recliners back inside, and we have been bedbug free ever since. I would strongly recommend Johnsie's services to anyone!”

Kathy Hart


Let Us Inspect Your Property for Bed Bugs

Count on our bed bug sniffing dogs to identify the possible bed bug problems that you might have on your premises. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. We currently serve residential and commercial clients in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee: Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, Richmond, Charlotte, and Raleigh.